Fabio Landini
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Firm heterogeneity and industrial dynamics

Intangible asset dynamics and firm behaviour (with A. Arrighetti and A. Lasagni), Industry and Innovation, vol. 22, n. 5 (2015): 402-422 [awarded the best junior contribution award at the 10th EIASM workshop]

Intangible assets and firm heterogeneity: evidence from Italy (with A. Arrighetti and A. Lasagni), Research Policy, vol. 43, n. 1 (2014): 202-213

Economic crisis and firm exit: do intangibles matter? (with A. Arrighetti, A. Lasagni), LUISS SEP WP 09/2015 (October 2015)

Swimming upstream throughout the turmoil: evidence on firm growth during the Great Recession (with A. Arrighetti and A. Lasagni), DRUID 2016 working paper (May 2016) (submitted)

Distortions in firm selection during recessions: a comparison across European countries, "The impact of the Great Recession on manufacturing firms: workshop proceedings", University of Parma, WP 11/2016 (submitted)

The sources of heterogeneity in firm performance: lessons from Italy (with A. Arrighetti, E. Bartoloni), Working Paper of the Department of Economics - University of Parma, WP 2017-02 (November 2017)

Are 'happy firms' all alike? - working title (with A. Arrighetti)

Recession and firm downsizing: evidece from Italy - working title (with A. Arrighetti)

Managerial practices, firm size and performance during the Great Recession - working title (with A. Arrighetti)

Competitive rents and product ubiquitness - working title


Economic development, catching-up, scientific collaborations

Public policy and catching up by developing countries in global industries: a simulation model (with F. Malerba), Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol. 41, n. 3 (2017): 927-960

A history-friendly model of the successive changes in industrial leadership and catch-up by latecomers (with F. Malerba and K. Lee), Research Policy , vol. 46, n. 2 (2017): 431-446

The structure and dynamics of networks of scientific collaborations in Northern Africa (with F. Malerba and R. Mavilia), Scientometrics, vol. 105, n. 3 (2015): 1787-1807

Multifunzionalità e sviluppo rurale in Africa: un'ipotesi teorica ed una verifica empirica a livello household (with F. Arfini), QA - La Questione Agraria, vol. 2 (2009): 31-63

Firm upgrading in global value chains: a simulation model - working title (with F. Malerba)


Institutions, organizations and digital economy

The evolution of corporate species (with U. Pagano), in C. Driver and G. Thompson (eds.), Corporate Governance in Contention, Oxford University Press (2018)

The evolution of control in the digital economy, Journal of Evolutionary Economics, vol. 26, n. 2 (2016): 407-441

Institutional complementarity (with U. Pagano), in A. Marciano and G.B. Ramello (eds.), Encyclopedia of Law and Economics, Springer (2016)

Institutional change and information production, Journal of Institutional Economics, vol. 9, n. 3 (2013): 257-284 [Featured by Benjamin Mako Hill (MIT, Berkman Center, FSF): "A model of free software success"; Awarded the Elinor Ostrom Prize 2014 - Cambridge University Press]

Technology, property rights and organizational diversity in the software industry, Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, vol. 23, n. 2 (2012): 137-150

Stakeholders conflicts and corporate assets: a meta-complementarities approach (with U. Pagano), Mimeo (January 2015) [previously circulated as Synergy, conflict and institutional complementarities, Quaderni del Dipartimento di Economia Politica e Statistica No. 686 - University of Siena] (R&R)

The hidden cost of specialization (with A. Nicolò and M. Piovesan), IFRO Working Paper - University of Copenhagen No. 2013/9 (May 2013)


Individual and social behaviour

The hidden benefits of abstaining from control, (with G. Burdin  and S. Halliday), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, available online [previously circulated as Third-party vs. second-party control: disentangling the role of autonomy and reciprocity, IZA DP No. 9251]

Friendship network in the classroom: parents bias and peer effects (with N. Montinari, P. Pin and P. Piovesan), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 129 (2016): 56-73

Unethical behavior in the field: demographic characteristics and beliefs of cheaters (with A. Bucciol and M. Piovesan), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, vol. 93 (2013): 248-257


Entrepreneurial behaviour

Entrepreneurial intention at the time of crisis: a field study (with A. Arrighetti, L. Caricati and N. Monacelli), International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior and Research, vol. 22, n. 6 (2016): 835-859

Propensione all'imprenditoria: motivazioni e ostacoli nella creazione di imprese (with A. Arrighetti), in L. Paolazzi, M. Sylos Labini and F. Traù (eds.), Gli imprenditori , Marsilio Editore (2016, isbn: 978-88-317-2486-9)

Explaining entrepreneurial orientation among university students: Evidence from Italy (with A. Arrighetti, L. Caricati and N. Monacelli), Economic Department Working Paper - University of Parma No. 2013-EP04 (June 2013)

Entrepreneurial intentions and social motives: evidence from two Italian universities - working title (with A. Arrighetti)




Arrighetti, A., L. Caricati, F. Landini and N. Monacelli (2013), Istruzione e Animal Spirits. Uno Studio sulla Propensione all'Imprenditoria degli Studenti Universitari, Dipartimento di Economia - Università degli Studi di Parma in collaborazione con Unione parmense degli Industriali e Ernst & Young

Arfini, F., M. Donati, F. Landini, and R. Gigante, (2008), A Report on the effects on the Farming Activities and Employment Levels, CARERA Project, Task 3, Deliverable 9, Sixth EU Framework Programme Priority 8.1. B.1.1

Arfini, F., M. Donati, F. Landini and R. Gigante, (2008), Le politiche per l'agricoltura biologica in Italia. Un'analisi quantitativa sulla sensitività delle aziende biologiche alle politiche ed ai prezzi di mercato, La sostenibilità dell'agricoltura biologica – progetto SABIO, Istituto Nazionale di Economia Agraria, Roma